Disabling Illicit Supply Networks through Research, Partnerships and Technology

What is DISRPT?

MISSION: Protecting global medicinal supply/distribution chains, disrupt illicit commercial and financial flows, mitigate effects and build capacity for implementation through policy advice, and educational/training programs.

VISION: The NU DISRPT Center will be the global epicenter for the identification, suppression and anticipation of illegal supply chains, building on our current focus on medical products. NU DISRPT will direct a multi-stakeholder consortium’s efforts to create and administer innovative approaches for the detection, control and mitigation of adverse effects of actors engaging in socially harmful, corrupt and illegal activities. 

Inaugural efforts will focus on global medicinal supply/distribution chains, with expansion to address other illicit operations such as terrorist/WMD finance, guns, sports or luxury goods, campaign contributions, art/antiquities.

STRUCTURE: NU DISRPT consists of three integrated disciplinary pillars: (i) Legal and Commercial; (ii) Data Mining and Analysis and (iii) Technological. While partners from industry, government and law enforcement and academia will be primarily aligned with one of these three pillars, the Center has built-in flexibility to enable interdisciplinary interaction. The pillar activities are described below:

Imperative: DISRPT will impact


$ 870 B

Worldwide annual sale of counterfeit drugs and medical products


90 %

Increase in counterfeit medicine over 5 years


500 K

Annual death toll caused by counterfeit drugs